Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Posting like I got a purpose!

Alright... it's been a month since I cranked this thing up and I'm already no better than the half-a-dozen or so bloggers around the Capital District who shot their load on a big "first post" and haven't updated in months.

The exact opposite, though, are the good folks at Albany Eats, Dish-n-Dirt, and almostfoodies who are blazing a path with their postings. Time will tell if I'm worth being bookmarked along with these culinary commandos. I'm not always in agreement with some of their opinions, but I'm glad as heck they're out there.

(It's also been buzzing in the back of my head that I shot my mouth off in front of the TU's Steve Barnes about writing up some of my experiences, particularly the last couple of wine-paring dinners at New World Cooking Co.)

So what the hell am I going to post?

I think the blurb at the top of the page sums it up nicely: just a "sup"... "[a] few small thoughts, notes, ideas, and comments on the food and drink I encounter."

I like food... I LIKE FOOD.

To the point of aggravating some folks around me, and delighting others.

Meals are how I measure the passage of time, frame social occasions, and where I draw upon metaphors to illustrate the rest of my life.

(An upcoming post will lay out my idea that some of us are "cooks" and some of us are "bakers" in our approach to life, and why the two shouldn’t be in the same kitchen together, let alone a relationship.)

Let's admit some things upfront:
  • I have no formal culinary training.
  • I have no journalistic training, other than one semester of Intro to Journalism at SUNY Albany.
Why do I feel qualified to crank out some food bloggings?

I have:
  • ill-considered opinions.
  • an internet connection.
  • and most importantly, a belief in Woody Allen's quip, “80% Of Success Is Showing Up.”

Here I am.

Next up: Sandor Goes Hawaiian!