Wednesday, June 25, 2008

... and the dog wouldn't remain; it would come to bite me -- and I'm sure I shouldn't remain!

Exiled from the evil Land of Colonie,
To wash upon the shores of Troy.
O frabjous day!
Callooh! Callay!
Chi-Dogs are here to stay!
Maine has lobstah,
NYC has pizza,
Buffalo has wings;
Chicago has a treat that far exceeds these things:

and now they're in Troy, N.Y. at
Nipper's Hot Dogs


TROY NIGHT OUT UPDATE: I stopped by the stand for another dog during the great Troy Night Out, (the Collar City's excellent counterpoint to Albany's First Friday, an awesome evening administered by the Upstate Artists Guild) and the Nipper team informed me that if you mention this blog, they'll throw in a free soft drink!

Hmmm... I got to start reviewing some bars,eh?

And now a little shameless commerce:

(Shared with permission.)

"OK, OK, enough with the rhapsodizing" I hear you say, "how do you make one of these true legends of fast food, these Depression-era delights??!?"

Start with:

True Vienna Beef hotdogs,

Vienna Beef

dressed up with:

  • Yellow Mustard

    Classic Yellow!

  • Bright Green Relish*

    As green as the Old Sod!

  • Fresh Chopped Onions


  • Two Tomato Wedges**

  • A Pickle Spear or Slice

    Ba Tampte means Tasty!

  • Two Sport Peppers

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

  • A Dash of Celery Salt

    Put em all together and you get...
    Build the Perfect Beast!

    Or... my version

    Two of these goodey monsters for $6.00.

    My only quibble... they aren't serving them in a sturdy poppy-seed bun. The buns at the stand are a little on the wimpy side when it comes to supporting all the topping goodeyness.

    (UPDATE: 06/27/08 - Checked with Nipper Partner Bob Shenise this afternoon. He's working on getting the poppyseed buns)

    All served cart-side in Troy's beautiful Monument Square,

    intersection of Broadway, 2nd Street, and River Street.

    Extremely limited bistro-seating is available.

    I ain't kidding. Check out my buddy Briggsy taking advantage of it. If he brought the rest of the NiteTrain Band, someone would be standing!

Other toppings like kraut are available, too.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the buns they use are the ones provided by Vienna Beef in their shipments. They ARE the real thing.

Sandor said...

Thanks for the info, Chris!

It's a bit odd, since Vienna Beef clearly advocates the sturdier poppyseed bun in all their advertisements.

Check out their cool
Periodic Table of Chicago Style Hot Dogs!

Albany Jane said...

The neon green - it's calling to me!!! Now I needs me some of that relishy goodness.

Unknown said...

Nipper's Launches new web

Peter said...

this quote from article on hotdogs made me laugh!

"Put ketchup on it and a kid will swallow anything--and from there it's a straight shot to Velveeta cheese, Franco-American spaghetti, and Deborah Norville."