Thursday, April 16, 2009

Have a Drink On Me!

Sandor's Post-Tax Day Offer

I'm a big fan of Steve Barnes' TableHopping blog over in the Times Union. It's invigorated the conversation about food, dining, and community.

But lately it's become a bit, uhmmm...

... stagnant.

Posts about posts. "He-said-she-said" volleys. Hyper-critical inferences based on the turn of a phrase.


Now, being the jolly grognard that I am, I know that I ain't gonna solve nothing from the inside, so here's my proposal:

Have a Beer With Me.

That's right: have a beer with me.

Today (04/16/09) from 5:00 to 7:00pm at the Lionheart Pub in Albany.

Da Bar!

And not just that... if you can prove to me that you have actually eaten at the restaurant that you post about (a sales receipt, some knowledgeable tidbit that you'd have to have been there to know, a convincing lie... anything really) then:

I'll Buy You A Beer!

Yup... I'll buy you a goddamn beer.

And that's not all...


Da Man!




Yep!'re all invited!

C'mon people... its frikkin' springtime in Albany. Enjoy it.

"But Sandor" I hear some of you folks saying, "how will we know it's you?"

I'll be wearing my sweet Chewbacca costume!


OK... maybe not, but I will be wearing the Real Deal Bush Hat my sweet girlfriend got me for my birthday!

See ya there.

Hail Eris!


Albany Jane said...

HAHA! Awesome.

I'm glad you're not wearing the chewbacca costume. I'd hate for us to be too matchy-matchy.

Sandor said...

Classic Chewbacca or "Revenge of the Sith" Chewbacca???

Albany Jane said...

Perhaps we could coordinate. I also forgot to mention my chebacca will have glitter highlights in the fur.

Jack's medulla oblongata said...

What about those of us who cover the news at night????????

Are we chopped liver????

Sandor said...


A Scotsman buying a round isn't news???

Andrew Badera said...

Very cool, wish I'd caught this yesterday.

You know, I'm noticing in general, across the board, people in blog comments have gotten meaner and nastier and generally more negative these past few months. I guarantee it's economic worries and dismal outlook driving this. Nice job on the effort to counter it!

Anonymous said...

Pleased to meet you Sandor! May I commend you on your generosity. Above are my two local and humble food oriented blogs for your possible reading pleasure.

Albany Jane said...

I hafta say, I'm awfully glad you did this.

And that our costumes didn't clash.

jess said...

I think we need another impromptu event soon....