Sunday, August 2, 2009

S.M.E.G. Revealed!

  • Scottish Men's Eating Group?
  • Scottish Mountaineering Expedition Guild?
  • Sandor's Mighty Edinburgh Gallop?
Is S.M.E.G. one of these, or all of them?
Check in periodically to see what S.M.E.G. is up to!

Coming into Edinburgh

Touching down:

Into the City Center to the trip headquarters:

Checked in and lounging:

The View:

The 1st Pint

The 1st Meal at the Doric Tavern:

Carrot and Cilantro Soup

Haggis phylo pockets

Pan seared seabass

Lamb chops

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Hanging with the Father of Economics

Note to selves: come back tomorrow for cheese:

Afters at the Ensign Ewart

A quick call home...

... a number of pubs later and then back to the Scotsman with the infamous King Rib and Irn Bru!

Getting ready for bed and bulding up strength for a sunrise climb up Arthur's Seat.

Stay tuned, true believer, for more adventures of S.M.E.G.!


Albany Jane said...

Sweet bathrobe. No head towel?

Gotta say, those phyllo things look delicious. If you wrap it in phyllo it automatically = tasty.

Mr. Dave said...

Irn-bru is nectar of the gods. I had an unhealthy obsession with orange Triaminic cough syrup as a child and Irn-bru is the closest facsimile I have found as an adult. They have it over at Eats in Stuy. Plaza, Guilderland if anyone is interested (at some ungodly inflated price). By the way, I envy your travels.