Monday, August 3, 2009

The Most Important Meal... Ever!

S.M.E.G.ers know that a full day of sight-seeing and pub-crawling is best begun with that bravest of breakfasts, The Full Scottish!

Delivered right to the door.

Coffee, fresh squeezed grapefruit Juice, toast with jam and marmalade assortment, Scottish mueslix mix.

For Chris: Scrambled, sausage, Scottish bacon, haggis on tattie scone, tomato, and mushrooms.

For Sandor: Poached, sausage, Scottish bacon, haggis on tattie scone, black pudding, tomato, and mushrooms.

And all topped with a thistle!

And now we're off and ready for a full day of Auld Reekie.


A Mistake said...

It all looks wonderful

banzai said...


Aptly Inappropriate said...

mmmm....I love thistle! so sweet!

Daniel B. said...

Those poached eggs look seriously divine.

Whatever you were doing today, you certainly started out on the right foot.

Albany Jane said...

Wait, is there something wrong with me? I can't see the mushrooms.

Damn. Cafeteria blindness. Have fun SMEGing!

Anonymous said...

Where in the world is Sandor Silverman??? Jill and I are hoping all is well...hope you aren't stuck in the bog somewhere!!

Sandor said...

Out of the bog with minimal trouble. Just stuck in bar now... also a three-lettered "B" word. Post cards were mailed explaining all... blame Royal Mail. Tweeting tonight's crawl in Glasgow on