Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A pig's a pig for all that

S.M.E.G. is back in the States and we're not quite thinking linearly just yet.

From the Mouth of the Clyde to the Butt of Lewis, through the Towns of Tongue and Twatt, we just threw open the doors of perception and let everything flow through. To get some momentum going, we're just pulling together some of the singular experiences we had and let's worry about a cohesive narrative later.

With that, here's a glimpse into a spectacularly low key and delicious Sunday lunch we shared at St. JOHN Bar and Restaurant, Fergus Henderson's and Trevor Gulliver's home of "Nose to Tail Eating".

A Kind of British Cooking

We arrive... a little late, but not to anyone's discomfort.

The Bar

The Bakery

The Dining Room and a peek into the Kitchen

The first of "a few"...

A green salad, in consecion to 5 a Day , which we admit is a good idea.

The Starters

Rabbit Offal on Toast

Duck Hearts on Celeriac

Brown Crab on Toast

Brawn, or Head Cheese

The Mains

Lamb Sweetbreads with Carrots

Greens and Runner Beans (3 of 5!)

Faggots and Peas
Roast Beef

The Desserts

Eccles Cake and Lancashire Cheese, with Port

The currant filling

Bread Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce and ice cream

Anthony Bourdain's famous "last supper" of Roast Bone Marrow & Parsley Salad, was on the 86 board for the day, but to tell the truth, initially armed with Chef Fergus' recipe and access to the Delaware Ave Price Chopper, I've made it some many times on my own now that I’m not sure what could be done to it in St John's kitchen that would elevate the joy I get from throwing it together in my own kitchen.

And I don't think this displeases anyone at St. John.


Anonymous said...

So much deliciousness. Thanks for sharing. Maybe we'll have a few beers and discuss the difficulties of returning after a glorious food holiday.

It's rough.

Albany Jane said...

Yum! That all looks delicious. Is brown crab like the roe smeared on toast?

P.S. You were in *Twatt* tee hee hee hee hee

Sandor said...

It's any an all the delicious parts of the crab, after all the white meat has been extracted, that's blended together. You can add the white meat too. An upcoming post will have pics of the shellfish we brought up when we went fishing.

And it was my first time in Twatt.


llcwine said...

this is my kind of love love sweetbreads.